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Coastal and Highlands Tribes Escorted Tour. 11 nights. 7- 18 September 2017. Culminates at the Goroka Festival. $3195. click here

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9-night Spirit of Niugini cruise: Milne Bay, and southern islands, 18th to 27th September 2017 from $2640 click here

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7 to 10 January 2017: Paris Dive Show 

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Outrigger Safaris and Village Guesthouses

Outrigger canoe safari, Tufi, Papua New Guinea

Take an outrigger safari to discover and explore the villages, coastline and fjords south of Tufi.

Between November and April we can use traditional outriggers for these safaris. There are two outriggers so one takes all the gear, packs, food, snorkeling equipment etc. You can hire a paddler and this allows you to sit on the outrigger platform relax, take photo’s or just sit and take in the beautiful scenery, or you can paddle the outrigger yourself. We have umbrellas on the boats which protect you from the sun and rain.

Jebo, Outrigger canoe safari, Tufi, Papua New Guinea

This is not a strenuous adventure by any stretch of the imagination. The longest day we paddle is the day we paddle back to the resort and this will take us about six hours at a very leisurely pace. We do have a day trek option for those of you out there who are extremely fit and would like to experience the Tufi Hinterland. Please enquire about this.

You will village hop all the way along the coast. The villagers have built traditional guest houses which you will stay in and they are situated right on the beach under the palm trees and only a few feet from beautiful blue lagoons that you can snorkel and swim in.

 Tufi fjord, Papua New Guinea

The villagers will catch fresh fish and lobster for evening meals which will be complimented with village vegetables, fruit and a glass of red. Breakfast will also be supplied by the villagers. If you are unable to live on simple food this maybe it is not the adventure for you.

Outrigger canoe safari, Tufi, Papua New Guinea

You will be able to integrate with the villagers and to see first hand how they live. They will demonstrate rope and fish net making and will display their artifacts which you are able to purchase. This is an opportunity that you will not get to experience anywhere else in Papua New Guinea.

We will explore the wonder of the Tufi fjords and see amazing waterfalls and flocks of hornbills flying up the fjords.

Outrigger canoe safari, Tufi, Papua New Guinea

This adventure is very family orientated. It also caters for any age group. You can make it as hard or as easy as you want. If you want to paddle for the exercise you can paddle to your hearts delight for as long as you like. If you want to just sit on the platform and take in the beautiful surroundings, go for it. You can sit under a palm tree and read and sleep if that is what you want to do in the afternoons. We will have wine with our dinner each evening (red only) as we do not have the cooling facilities for anything else.

We do this trip in 3-6 days but do not hesitate to enquire if you would like us to set up a personalized trip for you, from one night upwards. Guesthouse accommodation costs 80 USD per person per night full board, and transfers vary depending on distance and whether you go by outrigger (seasonally dependent) or motorised boat.



Coastal villages in Oro Province

Flying in to Tufi, after a night at the resort, you can head out to one of many villages in the beautiful fjordlands of Cape Nelson. There are vilages on sublime beaches and others higher up on the ridges. The best is to go for three nights and sample three different ones. Transfers are by boat and dugout. A three-night trip to Jebo (beach), Orotoaba (inland and great for Birds of Paradise), and Garewa (beach) costs $420 pp full board including transport by boat and outrigger. The village chiefs will be your guides and take you to see stunning waterfalls, fishing in their outriggers, walking trails, and occassionally to spiritual places like skull caves. Or you can just observe village life, chat to the locals, amuse and be amused by the kids, or go snorkelling over some excellent coral gardens. 

Guesthouse locations

Tufi Village Guesthouse Map
















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The village eco-guest houses are a great way to experience the culture and traditional way of life. Explore with the local fishermen, go snorkeling and catch a fresh lobster for dinner and help the village people prepare your meal, the traditional way.

Observe the time-honored ways of sago making, female tattooing, canoe making, string bag making, rope and fish net making.

Experience their colorful dancing and their spellbound rituals. Be memorized by their fantastic head dress and their tapa cloth designs. Listen to the stories that have been the Tufi cultural foundation for centuries. Mix and live with the friendliest people in the South Pacific.

VIllage guesthouse, Tufi, Papua New Guinea VIllage guesthouse, Tufi, Papua New Guinea
VIllage guesthouse, Tufi, Papua New Guinea VIllage guesthouse, Tufi, Papua New Guinea
VIllage guesthouse, Tufi, Papua New Guinea VIllage guesthouse, Tufi, Papua New Guinea
VIllage guesthouse, Tufi, Papua New Guinea VIllage guesthouse, Tufi, Papua New Guinea

Kofure Guest House

Established for over thirty years this beautiful village setting has a population of only 70 people. Walk to the beach for snorkelling or swimming, if you like go for a canoe ride into the Fjords. Your host is well known character Chief Davidson who is an authority on the local history and customs, only a 10-minute ride from Tufi.

Komoa Beach Guest House

Overlooking a spectacular white sandy tropical beach gives this place a real tranquil feel, enjoy some great snorkelling and swimming and meet the friendly village people, Komoa is famous for shell jewelry Kundu drums, 15 mins outrigger ride from Tufi.

Bauwame Guest House

Situated on a spur overlooking the fantastic Amuian Fjord, the largest one on the coast. The guest house is situated in the middle of a large village that is well known for its beautiful gardens and friendly people, there are some great trekking up into the hills and an abundance of bird life especially the giant hornbills that can be seen in huge numbers. 45 min outrigger ride from Tufi.

Garewa Guest House

Breathtaking position makes this a popular destination for couples; it has all the romance of the old South Pacific. Overlooks the blue Solomon sea with a incredible tropical beach at your door step, ask for there romantic waterfall tour where you are taken to spectacular water fall inside the bay by canoe, where they will leave you for a few hours with some refreshing coconut milk and cooked lobster. 1 hour canoe ride from Tufi.


Orotoaba Guest House

Situated up high in the hills and nestled between two fjords, this area has a lot to offer, spectacular 150metre waterfalls, and Birds of Paradise in the wild and breathtaking views of the coastline and the Solomon Sea. Your hosts are two young local guys Rodney and Jackson who really go out of their way to make you feel at home, they will take you on some great treks and share there local knowledge with you. 1hour 15 mins by canoe and an easy 40 min walk.

Jebo Guest House

Is situated alongside a beautiful white coral sandy beach, snorkeling, swimming, waterfall tour, trekking or just relaxing on the beach. Walk through the local fishing village and be amazed at the fish that the villages bring in on there small canoes, these people have been fishing for centuries with traditional methods, and at night it is cooked and served fresh to you. 1 hour and 20 mins by canoe from Tufi.

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