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Coastal and Highlands Tribes Escorted Tour. 11 nights. 7- 18 September 2017. Culminates at the Goroka Festival. $3195. click here

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Tufi, Papua New GuineaTufi Resort is located in the Oro Province, on the east coast of the main island, a 60-minute flight from Port Moresby. In a unique tropical fjordland setting, Tufi has diving, birding, village guesthouses, walks, cultural activities and birding to keep everyone entertained.

The clear, calm and protected waters of the tropical fjords are perfect for macro and muck diving, such as the popular House Reef, which is only three minutes walk from the resort.

The nearest open water reef is just 15 minutes by boat. This diving paradise has over 40 major dive sites in the nearby tropical waters of the Solomon Sea, with many uncharted reefs waiting to be explored.


Manta, Tufi, Papua New Guinea

The stunning marine biodiversity makes this a unique reef system. Coral outcrops are so abundant with fish, that the saying “more fish than water” is a common phrase. Pelagic schools of tuna, Spanish mackerel, barracuda, white tip and black tip reef sharks, hammerheads and the rare white hammerheads, inhabit these exotic waters. Turtles, manta rays and eagle rays are also seen cruising by.

Tufi offers a wide variety of diving experiences. From diving the fiords to unchartered reefs and WW2 wrecks. Constant visibility of 30 metres plus and water temperatures of 26°C to 29°C all year round.


Mandarinfish, Tufi, Papua New Guinea

Dive the fjords, experience the unique macro world and check out the WW2 PT boat wrecks. Day or night, a wide variety of gobies, nudibranchs, mandarinfish, ghost pipefish, pygmy seahorses and a plethora of other fascinating creatures can be found. A wonderful array of sponge and shelf corals that line the walls of the tropical rainforest fjord, a truly different dive environment.

The outer reef experience is unsurpassed with a choice of dozens of world-class dive sites. Moor onto a few of our favourites, Cyclone Cay, Black Rocks, Stewarts Reef and Shark Tip.

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Kune's chromodoris, Tufi, Papua New GuineaDive the famous Dutch cargo ship the “S Jacob” or Blackjack – an intact B17 bomber – as specialty charter dives. Spectacular marine life in abundance: schooling barracuda and reef fish, hammerheads, reef sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, grouper and cruising palegic as well as soft and hard corals.

Click here for more on Tufi’s wrecks

The fjords are excellent for macro diving with gobies, nudibranch, shrimps and clams. These animals can be seen by diving, but conditions are also ideal for snorkelling.

Because there is very little current movement in the fjords, many sponges and coral species grow prolifically and there are some very large sponges and shelf corals that are not common on the outer reefs.


Tufi, Papua New GuineaWarrior, Tufi, Papua New GuineaPapua New Guinea is the land of a million different journeys. Tufi explores many of these journeys and allows you to uncover culture and traditional ways that one thinks do not exist anymore. Tufi is a great location to combine with other cultural festivals taking part in the country to give you a mix of the different provinces and their cultural differences. Tufi’s cultural festival will enlighten you into the traditional Oro ways of food gathering and hunting, village life, spiritual beliefs and  will introduce you to their language "Karafe". 

Daily life for local villagers includes building their traditional homes and canoes from sago palms, traditional gardening and fishing and processing their food, making ropes for hunting pigs, fishing nets and processing various trees for tapa cloth, a traditional fabric.

outrigger canoe trip, Tufi, Papua New GuineaThere are different ways for guests to experience this culture first hand, from half-day cultural tours to village stays, either staying in one village for a night or several nights (the choice is yours), or taking a boat up the fjord and walking a few hours to villages further inland every day, staying in a different village every night. Alternatively, embark on an outrigger safari around the coast, spending two to three hours on the water snorkelling at your leisure,  and then discovering a different culture every day. You can try your hand at traditional line fishing or lobster catching. Again, the choice of duration is yours - outrigger trips can be made from two to six days.

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